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The Washington Post:
I contribute to The Going out Guide and Washington Post Weekend Section

How to Eat Your Way Through Maryland’s Pupusa Highway
Pupusas are everywhere in Washington, but nowhere does the concentration of cheese-filled tortillas seem greater than on a single stretch of University Boulevard in Maryland.

Netflix has a new cooking competition, and this D.C. chef is a contestant
The Final Table is a new cooking show coming to Netflix. There are nine episodes and culinary challenges to overcome, each with a different food challenge tied to a specific country and dish.

I write travel and lifestyle features for Thrillist

Meet the Man Using Your Leftovers to Change Washington, D.C. for the Better
Mike Curtin calls himself Washington, D.C.’s food fighter. It’s a title he earns every day by feeding the city’s needy through his organization, DC Central Kitchen, a nonprofit located just a few blocks north of the U.S. Capitol.

Pro Tips for Saving Money on a Caribbean Resort Vacation
What does “all-inclusive” really mean? And How much is that in-room Champagne service going to cost me?

Washington City Paper:
I contribute to The Washington City Paper.

The Many Lives of Dupont’s Iron Gate, One of D.C.’s Oldest Restaurants
Almost every day is throwback Thursday at the revived Iron Gate. The recently reincarnated restaurant has a century’s worth of old photos, menus, and newspaper clippings to prove it… [Young & Hungry]

Inside The World of Competitive Barbecue: “He Got Total Bite-Through!”
So it goes in competitive barbecuing, where emotions run high and passion is expressed both in the food and reactions to winning. To an outsider, this is an insane hobby... [Young & Hungry]

How One Man Reunited With His Vespa at H Street NE’s Vendetta
It sounds like the start of a bad joke: Guy walks into a bar, orders a drink, and sees his old scooter cut in half and hanging on the wall. But that’s exactly what happened to H Street NE resident Tony Zarrella… [Young & Hungry]

I am a contributing writer for Eater.

Know your Soju from your Sohchu
People confuse shochu with Korean soju, not only because they sound alike, but because soju is like the popular, older-brother to shochu… [Eater DC]

Aaron Silverman on Rose’s Luxury’s Frantic First Day
Welcome to One Day In, a riff on Eater’s “One Year In” series, which explores a restaurant’s first day of business. For this edition, Rose’s Luxury’s Aaron Silverman talked to Eater yesterday about how things went on opening night… [Eater DC]

American Journalism Review:
In my fall semester at the University of Maryland, I was a contributing writer for the journalism school’s review, AJR. It’s a digital magazine that covers issues in journalism and digital media.

Is Facebook the Solution to the Obnoxious Comment Plague
19 December 2011
American Journalism Review

Developing Maps for Journalists
10 November 2011
American Journalism Review

Going Long in the Digital Age
10 October 2011
American Journalism Review

As ONA Conference Gets Underway, the Emphasis Is on Agility.
12 September 2011
American Journalism Review

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